Thursday 19th April at 7.30 pm
St Oswald's Church Hall
Shiney Row

This is your opportunity to hear what has happened during the last financial year, and what will be happening in the future, in your Parish. The accounts have been published on this website under Parish Accounts.


A new Electoral Roll must be completed this year. The existing roll will cease to be legal, therefore if you are on the current roll, and you wish to be included on the new roll, you should complete a fresh form.  These are available in all of three churches.  They must be completed and handed to the Electoral Roll Officer before the 4th April 2018.

Nomination forms for election to the Parochial Church Council and for Churchwardens are also available in each of the Churches.  These must be completed as per the instructions on the forms.

Please remember to ASK the person you wish to nominate for these positions BEFORE you complete the form and, if they agree to be nominated get the person to sign his or her agreement.

If you are unable to pick  up a form the following links will allow you to download and print the forms. 

Application - Electoral Roll    Application-for-Enrolment-Electoral-Roll-20132.docx

Nomination for Churchwarden   nom-CHURCHWARDEN.docx

Nomination for PCC Members    nom-PCC MEMBER.docx


'One for the Road' - Men's informal social group

For any information or to indicate your attendance get in touch with Rev Simon:

07985 501 753



Donating through GIFT AID is a way of increasing your donation to the Church by 25p for every £ donated.

All you need to do is to complete a Gift Aid Declaration and give it to the Churchwarden or the Gift Aid Secretary.   The Church claims the amount from HMRC once a year. 

The Treasurer has recently received a cheque for £2887.62 for the year 2016 in respect of All Saints.

It does not cost you anything nor will HMRC contact you.  As long as you complete the declaration, and have paid Income Tax via your salary or pension or Capital Gains, the church will be able to claim the Tax Relief - Your donations will qualify as long as they’re not more than 4 times what you have paid in tax in that tax year (6 April to 5 April).

There is a link below which will allow you to view and print off a Gift Aid Declaration Form. Complete the form and give it to The Churchwarden or Treasurer.



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