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Saint Oswald

Shiney Row was originally part of the Parish of Penshaw, but because of a population increase, caused by the influx of people into Shiney Row to fill the jobs at the newly sunk pits, it was felt that there was a need for some further religious support in the area.

The demand on the services of Rector Holme was such that it was decided that a new place of worship was needed.  Thus, circa 1907, it was decided to build a Chapel of Ease at Shiney Row.

The architect, C Hodgson-Fowler, drew up the plans and a Mr R C Brown was employed to build it, using his own work force and also the help of local people.

Lord Joicey, Chairman of the local colliery sanctioned land and supplied timber, bricks and mortar as well as donating £500 towards the project.

The land on which it was built was near Davison's Place which belonged to the Lambton & Joicey colliery.  The church was built by 1907 and in February of that year the official opening and first service took place.

At that time Shiney Row was a Conventional District of Penshaw.  It was due to Jenkin Jones, the curate attached to assist Rector Holme, that Shiney Row became a parish in its own right.

He campaigned vigorously, but was, for a time, having little success as the parish would need its own Incumbent.  There was opposition from the Clergy of Herrington and Newbottle who did not wish to lose part of their parishes to Shiney Row.  There was no objection from the Rector of Penshaw.

A report in the London Gazette dated 23rd November 1913 stated that a proposal to to constitute a district for spiritual purposes had been put forward, and that parts of Penshaw, Herrington and Newbottle would be acquired to form the new parish.  Resistance from the Vicar of Newbottle still prevailed, however he eventually agreed and thus the Parish of St Oswald became a reality.

In 1929 the church was extended to include a chancel and sanctuary with vestries to the existing nave, giving the building as it is today.

The hall was added at a later date to the north side of the church.


The Rev’d. Jenkin Jones                        Jan 1910 – Nov 1918 Curate in Charge then appointed
                                                     Vicar  22 November 1913           

The Rev’d. Cornelius Widdas                 Dec 1918 – Nov 1926

The Rev’d. W.E.Renwick                        Jan 1927 – April 1941

The Rev’d. J.Clayton Hancock               Sept 1941 – Sept 1951

The Rev’d. Charles K Burdon                 Oct 1951 – March 1955

The Rev’d. G.W. Payne                          Sept 1955 – Sept 1961

The Rev’d. Joseph Taylor                       May 1963 – Oct 1969

The Rev’d. Graham Revett                     Feb 1971 – Aug 1980

The Rev’d. Ernest Varley                        Oct 1980 – Oct 1985

The Rev’d. Stewart Bain                         May 1986 – July 1992

The Rev’d. Richard Clark                        July 1993 – May 1994

The Rev’d. Keith Walker                         Oct 1994 – Aug 1995             

The Rev’d. David Boddy                         Jan 1995 – May 1998

The Rev’d. Peter Hood                           April 2000 – 2007

The Rev’d. Steven Osman                     July 2010

The following provides a more intimate history (clink on the link).
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